Desert Mob 2013

In early September I went to Alice Springs for the annual Desert Mob exhibition and symposium. It has evolved into one of Australia’s major arts events, and is a vehicle through which visitors can gain a unique insight into the lives and cultures of Aboriginal artists living in the outback country of Central Australia.

Aboriginal Artists at Desert Mob

I go each year to see the new paintings, catch up with friends from the Art Centres and search for great new artwork. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is especially rewarding to see many Aboriginal artists from remote communities showing off their work and having fun.

All the community Art Centres choose the best works for display in the Exhibition. It is a very popular event so you have to get there early for a chance to secure any of the top works. I joined the queue more than an hour ahead of opening time and spotted many well known figures from the Aboriginal art world in line.

They obviously also determined to get the great works! I was really interested in the art of the communities of the APY lands and made a mad dash to secure one of these. Definitely not lady like – but I got it, and I’ll share more about my selection in a later post

Jan _ArtworkDesert Mob Market Place takes place on the day after the exhibition and it is a wonderful opportunity to see the works of all the Community Art Centres from Central Australia in a casual, but somewhat frenetic environment.

I loved the work from artists of Ernabella, Iwantja , Tjala, Ninuku and Mimili Maku from the APY lands. Their paintings are highly detailed, vibrant and beautifully executed. I couldn’t resist and collected enough for our own exhibition – you can see it online now.

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