Introducing Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten is an Australian artist whose work has been exhibited widely in the last two years and she is gathering a reputation as a “hot” artist. Her work certainly gets a lot of attention in the gallery and Sky Blue is our remaining piece.  Learn about Kirsten and view her work here. 
Sky Blue by Kirsten Jackson
Sky Blue by Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten Jackson is an Australian artist who began painting as a child and studied visual Arts at RMIT.  Painting is a natural normal part of her everyday life.

Kirsten has been exploring and pushing the boundaries of acrylic and oil painting with her love of textures and “unpredictable – almost “accidental” – forms, using multiple layering techniques, translucent glazes and color vanishes. Kirsten says her: “main motivation is to portray the inherent beauty and harmony that exists in the inter-relationship of color, composition and form. I work intuitively using the language of color, light and texture to produce art that pushes, pulls, pulses and speaks fluently to the senses.

When not painting Kirsten pursues her other passions – spending time with her family and running along the beach trails and training for marathons!

Kirsten’s work has been published in the 2004 and 2005 Canterbury Art Exhibition calendars, Home Beautiful magazine in 2005, the Herald Sun in 2007 and The Age 2011.  Her art is included in many private collections in Australia and overseas

Michael Whitehead – A Master at Work

We were lucky to be invited by Michael Whitehead to photograph him at work in his Noosa studio. We got a rare insight into Michael’s methods while seeing his works at various stages of development and watching him create his bold, colourful abstract paintings.

michael whitehead,sunshine coast artist,jive art noosa heads, jeff sinclair photography
Michael Whitehead
A painting has to be instinctive and have a sense of urgency but yet remain precise”, says Michael. “If paint runs across a canvas it’s because I’m happy for it to go there or I have encouraged it to do so. Every stroke, every line, is intended to leave a record of its journey. I strive to have my works exhibit no fear of exposing their inner selves — the ‘complexity of construction’ if you like — of how they came to be”.
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Michael Whitehead at Work


Michael works from his studio in Noosa’s beautiful hinterland and it is a real artist’s den, with paint splattered on the floor and walls and hundreds of containers lining his work area. Yet to be finished works and those currently in progress wait in line for his inspiration and creativity to take them to the next stage.

In his contemporary works each brush stroke challenges the previous one and oil is pitted against acrylic to create deliberate tension, resistance, and intensity. He uses large blocks of colour layered to capture or reflect light or a moody palate where the under-painting appears to be attempting to break through to provide a fleeting glimpse of a secret world beneath.

We watched Michael working on a painting at an early stage of development. Using a big brush he painted silver swirls in a fast flowing movement adding energy and movement. After this the work is taken outside to dry in the sun while he moves to add layers to another piece.

Each time he visits a work he adds a new layer, using different colours, materials, shapes and styles to create the look he wants. For him, it is instinctive yet carefully controlled.


michael whitehead, jive art noosa, jeff sinclair photography
Michael Whitehead Inspects a Painting
michael whitehead,jive art noosa
Remain in Light by Michael Whitehead

Jive Art is mounting an exhibition of Michael’s latest works at the end of December. Serious Moonlight opens Saturday, December 28th with drinks with the artist at 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm will run until Tuesday January 7th.

Remain in Light is featured in the exhibition.

“Let’s dance put on your red shoes
And dance the blues
Let’s dance to the song
They’re playin’ on the radio

Let’s sway you could look into my eyes
Let’s sway under the moonlight,
This serious moonlight …”

…Bowie, Serious Moonlight


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