Welcome David Hart!

Works by David Hart, the acclaimed Australia artist, are now on display at Jive Art. Click here to learn about David and see more of his work.


David Hart

David was born in 1971, the son of miner and artist, Pro Hart. Raised in the dusty outback-mining town of Broken Hill, Australia, David spent his early years submersed in arts and culture. It was here that David was encouraged by his father to explore his own creative interests through exposure to painting, sculpting, enameling, casting and welding.

It was in creating his first series of paintings at he just sixteen years of age that David too his first steps to becoming a full time visual artist. The years ahead saw him rise from the dust of that outback mining-town, to become recognised as one of Australia’s most well-known and highly collected artists.

Yellow Vase - David Hart
Yellow Vase – David Hart
Beach Party - David Hart
Beach Party – David Hart