Chris Pantano – Legendary Glass Artist


Primal Pattern by Chris Pantano
Primal Pattern

Chris Pantano  is recognized as one of Australia’s leading collectable glass artist.  He has built a global reputation as as a master craftsman with a strong emphasis on colour, pattern and story.  

His work is highly regarded by private and institutional collectors around the world. These include the permanent collection in Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra; the Queensland Art Gallery; Northern Territory Art Galleries; the McGaugherty Glass Collection at Latrobe Regional Gallery, Victoria; the Dr Robert Wilson Collection at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Collection Ludwig in Hannover, Germany; and Koganezaki Glass Museum in Shizuoka, Japan.


Primal Patterns
Primal Patterns

Chris is one of Jive’s featured artists and we are proud to show his beautiful pieces in the gallery. His work is very sought as he produces very few new pieces so if you are looking to invest in the work of a master glass artist it might be time to consider his work.

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