The Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Art Awards (NATSIAA) were intriguing as always with the overall winner creating a degree of controversy. Telstra1Not of course because it was not a great painting, but because of the subject matter.┬áIt was not my personal favourite but there was no denying the power of the painting’s style. I leave you to form your own views.

I was strongly drawn to several works, particularly the incredibly bold and finely detailed work of Betty Kuntiwa Pumani from Mimili in the APY Lands. Telstra2Rendered in red and white over black and measuring 122 cm x 130 cm this was truly a show stopper and took out the General Painting Award.

A small work on paper by a <a href=" indian″>Jive favourite Alec Baker who was selected as a finalist this year was also an interesting departure for him for this year. I loved it. We have a couple of his pieces in the Gallery (and online) at special pricing to celebrate!

Apu Hills by Alec Baker
Apu Hills by Alec Baker

My absolute favourite was a highly expressive piece by Matjangka Nyukana Norris from Fregon in the APY Lands.


Here is the link to the Telstra NATSIAA website so you can see all the works exhibited and make your own choice.







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