Welcome Carol Atkins

Carol Atkins
Carol Atkins

We welcome Carol Atkins to Jive and announce a upcoming exhibition of her works. Carol is a native of Perth but currently resides in Byron Bay. To learn more about Carol please click here.

The paintings to which Jive has been most drawn are those featuring the fig trees of the rainforest which to Carol represent “forest kings”.  Carols imagines these tall and beautiful trees as having years of stories hidden in their branches and their expansive root systems which thrust deep into the earth as representing longevity and stability.

Kaleidoscope - Carol Atkins
Kaleidoscope – Carol Atkins

New Paintings from Michael Whitehead

Michael delivered four new paintings this week and we love them! They draw on his familiar layered style with one echoing his highly successful Desert Beans series and others showing a softer more muted style. Click here to see Michael’s profile.

Takka - Michael Whitehead
Takka – Michael Whitehead
Presence - Michael Whitehead
Presence – Michael Whitehead
Reverie - Michael Whitehead
Reverie – Michael Whitehead



Emphatic - Michael Whitehead
Emphatic – Michael Whitehead









Emphatic is being auctioned to raise money for Newcastle Grammar School rowing team. To make a bid on this lovely painting call the gallery or return to our News page in the next few days for details.