Divas on the Cusp

Newly arrived in the gallery are works by Jorna Newberry and Anna Pitjara, both up and coming Aboriginal artists whose work will appreciate in value once they establish themselves as premier artists, which we expect them to do.

Anna Pitjara

Anna Pitjara (Petyarre) is a very talented artist and niece to the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye, and daughter to Glory Ngarla. Anna is an artist whose confidence is readily apparent in her later works and she is considered to be an artist who will make her mark in the world of Aboriginal art and as such, Anna’s work is now in high demand – See more of her work by clicking this link.

In ther earliest paintings Anna Petyarre used very bright colours with minimal dotting however her recent works display a technique of intricate dot work, with small blocks of colour, but often in black and white or red and white. She began painting her Sandhills / My Country dreaming using this fine rhythmic dot technique in 2000 and this series has emerged as one of her most sought after. 

Tali (Sand Hills) - Anna Pitjara
Tali (Sand Hills) – Anna Pitjara

Jorna Newberry

Jorna is the niece of leading Aboriginal artist Tommy Watson and while his iconic style was a very early influence, Jorna has developed a very distinct style all her own.  She is considered a rising star and has already established her place alongside the best with her bold and contemporary use of colour and her meticulously executed style. Lean about her work by clicking this link 

My Country - Jorna Newberry
Walpa Tjukurpa – Jorna Newberry

Crazy Little Thing – Exhibition by Michael Whitehead

Known for his big, bold, heavily layered canvases, small paintings are not something that immediately brings the name Michael Whitehead to mind.  In July however, Jive Art will be featuring a collection of small scale works in response to the many requests received from those who love his work, but don’t have large walls to fill.

Michael resisted the call for small works until recently when he scaled down for several international exhibitions – including one in Germany and another for Jive Art to exhibit at the Asia Contemporary Art Fair in Hong Kong.  Since finding that he didn’t mind the constraints of size as much as he thought he might, and being inspired by the reception the pieces received internationally, Michael has painted a small scale collection for his ‘home’ gallery at Jive.

The exhibition opens on 27th June and runs through 14th July. View the pieces by clicking this link. 

Cadence - Michael Whitehead 90cm x 120 cm
Cadence – Michael Whitehead 90cm x 120 cm